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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EST

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>> welcome to al jazeera america. here is stephanie sy. here are the stories we're following for you. ariel sharon is laid to rest. thousands try to tough it out as a chemical spill takes water taps dry, and we'll take you to you detroit to see what is hot. >> dignitaries from around the world are in israel paying their respects to ariel sharon. the controversial military
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leader died saturday at the age of 85 after spending eight years in a coma. nick schifrin joins us live outside of sharon's ranch in negev in israel. how is sharon remembered today? >> as you might expect all sports of people from the military, foreign dignitaries including u.s. vice president joe biden, all glassed over the controversiacontroversyies thatd in his military career. a lot of people talked about his role in the 50's in an unit called 101, then they skipped over 1982 in which he led an invasion in which thousand was palestinians were killed and hundreds of israeli soldiers died. instead they focused on his leadership qualities, his
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ability to make tough decisions and biden especially focused on sharon's ability and really capacity to focus on the security of the state of israel. >> like all historic leaders all real leaders he had a north star that guided him. a north star from which he never in my observation never t.v. educated. his snort star was a survival of the state of israel and the jewish people. >> that was the memorial service outside of the knesset, and here right behind me that is where sharon was buried this afternoon on his farm. he loved this farm, stephanie, and the israeli state asked for him to be buried in jerusalem where former prime ministers are buried. they said no, he wants to be
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buried here next to his wife. >> that farm is eight miles from the gaza strip. one of his legacies has been disengaging from gad disa. how did that effect his legacy. >> i think that pointed to some of the things that he evolved from someone who was very strong military to someone of peace. in fact, he said it wasn't about peace but simply about security for israel, but nonetheless there are hints right before he had that stroke that incapacitated him that he was going to take the same steps in the west bank. the security issues from gaza remain. we talked to security officials who said that two rockets with were fired from gaza and landed miles were where we are. there is an anti-missile system called the iron dome, was not
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used because the rockets landed in fields but it is a reminder of what kind of security arrangements are still engaged. >> truly a symbolic resting place for sharon. just nine days to the summit to try to end the fighting in syria and ahead the important meeting ahead of those talks. some of the possibilities are pushing for prisoner exchanges in the country, and ultimately a cease-fire around the embattled city of aleppo. >> we talked today about the possibility of trying to encourage a cease-fire. maybe a legalized cease-fire beginning with aleppo, and both of us have agreed to try to work to see if that could be achieved. the opposition has already agreed that if the assad regime
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are willing to declare that they would be willing to live up to that. >> kerry and other leaders also discussed easing the flow of aid to the country. focused talks on syria are expected to be held on switzerland later this month. the prospects of a cease-fire in south sudan are growing thin. the government continues deny the release of prisoners. five al jazeera journalists are still being detained. accused of spreading lies harmful o to state security and joining a militia. the other two two journalists
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are from our sister channels. jonathan martin joins us now from charleston, west virginia, jonathan, i got to wonder if not for drinking and washing what can the tap water be used for? >> sorry, what did you say, stephanie? >> jonathan, what is the latest on when this ban on drinking water might be lifted? >> reporter: okay, thank you, sorry about that. the latest is that they will believe they have the chemical levels in the water lower. they're trending in the positive direction but the governor here in west virginia said he is not ready just yet to give the all-clear. they still need to do more tests. they need to have a broader sample pool. the good news is that there is water for people to use. they have to bathe with water from these tankers like the one
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you see behind me. this is set at the local hospital. they have a lot of bottled water for people to use here. still as this goes into another day without people being able to use their tap water you can imagine a lot of people are just very, very frustrated. >> reporter: elizabeth and her daughter have not showered for three days. the case of bottled water is the only clean water they have. >> we've been heating up water and washing off like we're camping. it's very much like going camping. when go camping, you don't have a shower. >> reporter: for a fourth day nearly 300,000 west virginians are being told not to use tap water. nine counties are under state emergency after a chemical spill in the elk river thursday. the biggest frustration is everyone wants to know when. when will we have water? what do we do when the water comes back? >> there is no clear timeline for when the tap water will be safe to use.
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state officials say they're flushing and testing the system hourly. the latest results show that the chemical levels are declining and even undetectable in some areas. >> i believe we're at a point where we can say that we see light. >> reporter: the west virginia governor said the ban will be lifted in phases. so residents can find out when their neighborhood is in the clear. in the meantime the federal emergency management is bringing in water. elizabeth knows she's fortunate. as a library nan she's able to work. the worry is about others whose jobs are affected. >> i'm concerned about the long-term ripple affects for lives of people i know for whom this is a big deal. it's hurting their businesses. they work part time.
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>> reporter: and most schools in the affected area are closed again today. we can tell you also that many businesses are being allowed to reopen but they have special permission from their county health department. >> jonathan martin thank you. in thailand protesters have brought parts of the capitol bangkok to a standstill in an taste to remove the prime minister from power before elections in february. they believe her government is corrupt. we have more. >> reporter: it's quite normal that this intersection is jammed on a monday morning. what is not normal is that the cause this time pedestrian traffic. placed in seven different intersections in bangkok where they have set up stages and set in. they started arrived sunday
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night and the numbers grew by the hour on monday. some came from far away like melissa buerkle. she flew in from germany. >> my generation is spread with corruption in the country. we really don't have a future. >> reporter: leaders say their shutdown will last 15 days, about the time elections are due to take place. >> there is no doubt that these anti-government protesters have achieved their immediate goal, but it's unclear how this is going to help them achieve their long-term goal, and that's unseating the prime minister. >> reporter: the government is keeping a close watch on the mass gathering. the caretaker prime minister shinawatra spent most of the morning meeting with her top advisers. she's expressed concern that violence could break out 15,000 police and army soldiers have been deployed.
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to some the peaceful approach means they've already won. >> today we're winning by showing the number of anti-government protesters is growing and they want to come out and demonstrate without violence, without harm to win this peaceful battle. >> the protest leader has called this the final battle, but how he can convert a popular movement on the street to a change of government is far from clear. >> after a year of strong sales car makers are gearing up for the first day of the international auto show in detroit. >> start with one issue ad guests on all sides of the debate. and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story next only on al jazeera america
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>> for on the field news, we turn to the nfl. next week's conference championship matchups are set, new england will travel to denver, that means tom brady and the patriots will meet peyton manning for the third time. the 49ers travel to seattle to face their bitter rival for the third time this season. that's your look at sports this hour. >> getting a fresh start. >> from living the life that i live, i thought by now, i should be dead. >> a unique business that's giving troubled women a second chance at al jazeera america. we understand that every news story begins and ends with
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people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. >> we pursue that story beyond the headline, pass the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capital. >> we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. >> and follow it no matter where it leads - all the way to you. al jazeera america, take a new look at news. >> new details surrounding the biggest ban in history. trying to overturn the season-long steroid suspension and rodriguez's alleged drug dealer is speaking out.
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john henry smith, what is the latest with with the investigation? >> as far as baseball is concerned the investigation is done and the victory is pretty much won. even though rodriguez never failed a drug test in this episode, arbitrator horowitz was impressed enough about a rod to up he would the levy against him. it will be appealed today but the consensus of the legal analysts seems to be that the appeal does not have much of a chance for a couple of reasons. number one, the legal analysts seem to think that judges don't like the idea of overturning arbitrators' rulings, and when a-rod signed up he agreed to have his disputes settled by arbitrators, and the chips did
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not fall in his favor, but that's the way it goes. that's what he greed to, and it does not look like his appeal will go far. >> are we expecting him to show up for spring training? >> a-rod said that's exactly what he plans to do, and that's his right as long as he's under contract with the new york yankees. the yankees could cut him but either way whether they cut him or keep him they'll owe him the final three years and $61 million on his contract. you can imagine the union keys are going to thank long and hard before taking that step. but it's not as if the yankees don't have recourse. what they could do is relegate alex rodriguez to the minor league camp if he does show up. he is not part of the roster, that is an option. if that happens the yankees could instruct him don't hit to him, don't throw to him. he could be an expensive bystander if he decides to show
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up. the yankees are hoping that he'll decide to stay home and they won't have to deal with the unpleasantness. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> wall street beginning the week with a yawn. the nasdaq is trading a bit higher. investors are playing it close to the invest. ahead of big reports on corporate earnings coming later in the week. the target ceo said the company is going to make significant changes regarding massive data breaches. the company is working with law enforcement officials. he didn't go into detail on how target plans to prevent such a tax in the future. more bad news for lulu lemon. the upscale athletic clothing maker is cutting its quarterly sales forecast. it has meaningful reduction in
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business. you may remember last month lulu lemon had to recall some of its popular yoga pants after customers complained that it was too sheer. chevrolet brand won the north american car and truck of the year. the corvette stingray received the car award and the truck was the silver ready do. and mary bara made her first bubble appearance at the auto show. bisi onile-ere joins us at the auto show. how big are these awards for g.m.? >> it's a really big deal. this is the first time that general motors has won both awards in the same year. growth in the auto market is slowing a bit so any type of recognition could help generate sales. there is a lot of excitement at this year's auto show. as one organizer put it, what we're seeing is the resurgence
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of the american auto industry. the global appeal of north american made cars is growing. u.s. auto industry is riding high. last year automakers exported more vehicles than ever, two million, and 15.6 million vehicles were sold in the u.s. these figures are a vast improvement compared to just four years ago when the recession hit vehicles sales dropped to $10.4 million. >> the auto industry has come back to fight another day and today it is thriving. >> reporter: dr. john taylor is the business professor in tried. he recalls the days of 2009 when general motors, chrysler and ford were running on yes, ma'am. >> it was quite a mini depression. >> reporter: vehicle sales plummeted. the u.s. government under the obama administration bailed out both g.m. and chrysler and ford found financial relief in federal globes that had to
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happen to help extricate some of their problems and the problems were made on both sides. they were made by management, and they were made by union organizations. >> reporter: next, major restructuring which including job losses, plant closures and union concessions. gone were the days of generous health benefits and factory jo jobs. >> i think people at the time thought it was the end, but people on the street knew there would be another day. >> i think it's a come back year. >> reporter: in a dazzling display of hot wheels and new innovations, the north american international auto show is kicking off it's 51st year. >> i grew up with the big three, ford, g.m. chrysler, you look on the floor there, is hyundai,
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mercedes, these are all american brands now. >> reporter: there is a new energy driving this year's event. >> they would not build any of these exhibits were the business not there and you can feel the confidence, you can feel the optimism. it's an exciting time. >> reporter: they're just now back on the road to recovery. but in a short time the u.s. auto industry has traveled far. about 50 vehicles are expected to be revealed so far general motors, chrysler, ford, they have revealed some of their vehicles. we saw a brand new chrysler 200, which is very, very cool. we also saw a new pickup truck by ford. it weighs a lot less than your normal car, and because it weighs less its supposed to have better fuel efficiency. >> good stuff coming out of
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detroit. bisi onile-ere, thank you. our ali velshi is also at the detroit auto show where he'll be talking with some of the biggest names in the auto industry, you can see that right here on al jazeera america. buying customers, it seems strange, but in the world of social networking it's a reality. >> next we consider sacrifice and whether saving some members of endangered species is worth
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assault. afghan president karzai is long accused the united
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. here are today's headlines. foreign dignitaries including vice president yesterday biden are in israel paying respects to ariel sharon, who passed away at age 85. secretary of state john kerry and the foreign minister of russia meet in syria.
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they're proposing prisoner exchanges, aid and cease-fire in syria. the water may soon be back on in west virginia. contaminations levels are falling after a chemical spill thursday. officials say they're preparing to lift a ban after using tap water for drinking and washing. new businesses allow to you buy thousands of twitter followers or facebook friends for just a few dollars. it sounds odd but when it comes to social media marketing, it makes sense. stacey tisdale has more. >> reporter: in 2011 launching "my tab," a travel gifting website that invites friends and family to make contributions to a wannabe dream vacation. but it was a challenge to say the least. >> now you have to bootstrap, you ration ramen inside. this is how you live. >> reporter: with little money for marketing and few resources
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to attract customers she turned to a company and for $10 she bought 400 social media followers on facebook and twitter. one of dozens of websites that sell bot, computer generated fake users. a thousand twitter bots cost $18 on average. the practice is gaining in popularity because a large social media following helps people and businesses create the illusion that their opinions and information are valuable. >> perception is reality, and those big followers might help you attract real followers and real customers. >> reporter: by some estimates the market for take social media followers has skyrocketed into a 300 million industry. social media companies are not taking this lightly. in its latest filing with the sesec, a spokesperson for facebk
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told al jazeera, quote, we built a combination of automated and manual systems to block accounts for fraudulent purposes. we take action against sellers and help shut them down. >> there is nothing illegal by creating, buying or selling fake following but it raises ethical questions. high profile names like mitt romney or lady gaga have distanced themselves of follower fraud. but proponent said this practice is the new front tear in marketing. >> there have always been lots of ways that companies and individuals can make themselves look bigger than they really are with a little markettic savvy and pr savvy, is this really that different from that? i'm not so sure. >> reporter: she is sure. she is no longer living on ramen inside and my tab is now valued at $4 million, and it was due in
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part to the followers she purchased. >> we now have followers who are real followers on twitter and 8,000 real likes on facebook. >> reporter: and a new way of doing business in a social media world where size does matter. stacey tisdale, al jazeera, new york. >> if you want to grow your following the old fashioned way, be sure to like and follow people back. they recommend advertising on social media sites. >> social media has a twitter about an earthquake that occurred in puerto rico early this morning. now it is difficult to see puerto rico in this particular map because this is showing the united states storm where rain and warm weather is moving across the east coast. but you can see the area where we have a cluster of earthquakes
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in the last 12 hours. this particular one estimated magnitude 6.4, and it was because the north america plate and caribbean plate it's called a strike slip. just yesterday we had the four-year anniversary for the large earthquake that occurred in haiti. the thing is that this is the exact same plate system that caused that particular earthquake. as we move onto the u.s. weather i want to point out wind gusts. they're extremely high in parts of the west. we're getting gusts at 50 mph. 30 in seattle. that's the primary spot we're watching for powerful winds throughout the day until 9:00 p.m. pacific time. cheyenne and wyoming with a 53 miles an hour wind gust. that's tough to drive through mountain passes when you have all the snow around. it will create blizzard-like conditions pretty quickly. now going to the northeast, the other problem we're face something flood warnings.
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we've got several flood warnings and watches issued, because of ice jam flooding. here is the picture we have for you from plymouth state. the ice breaks up and moves down river. of course it sounds like it soundit our is sounds,there areh that. on top of that incoming rainfall. we're going to be seeing wetter day as we get through the next 24 hours for parts of the southeast. we'll have more coming up, stephanie? >> thank you. well, here's one way to celebrate ancient roman tradition. >> go! >> go, go, go. >> okay, battling it out in the world mountain bike chariot championships celebrating the ancient roman festival of
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saturnalia. it took place in wales and u.k. inside story is next. >> she smashed records, they thrilled fans and wrote new chapters in the history of the game, and many were probably cheating. we asked writers and you what to about the performance-enhancing drugs in baseball on the day that the new hall of fame ers are announce. that's "inside story." >> hello, i'm ray suarez. if you're a baseball fan you may remember the 1990s with sheer


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